Re: Default directory for AfterStep data files

Alexis Delgado (
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 12:05:34 -0400 (VET)

>By the way I had a quick question. When I am using winlist and I maximize a window, it
>maxamizes to the entire screen, and does not take into account the height of the
>winlist. Because of the database file the winlist stays on top, but that cuts off the
>bottom of the window. How can I get maxmize to take into account the winlist? Also, you
  on the database put AvoidCover as a property of the WinList
>know how you can move a window off the screen, keep half the window viewable. Well how
>can I have that in afterstep. I only want to see part of the window and would like to
>move the other part off the screen, but currently I cannot.

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