Re: Default directory for AfterStep data files

Dhaval Patel (
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 13:31:39 -0000

i understand that this is what has been proposed, i was responding to someone that
suggested putting fines in /etc/afterstep and /usr/share/afterstep. i just though that
doing this would make it more difficult to do backups quickly. but he is right,
splitting them up makes things more consistent with the unix file structure. i just dont
like the way the unix file structure works. i like mac, move the directory, you move the
app. :)

anyway, just what i thought was important.


Ryan Healey <> said:

> --- Dhaval Patel <> wrote:
> > all the afterstep stuff is in afterstep. please leave it
> > in one directory which makes it
> > easier for backing up. every once in a while i just tar
> > up the Afterstep directory so
> > that if something happens or i want to set up afterstep
> > on another machine I can just
> > get that tar and use it, all config options set. my
> > $0.02.
> That's the idea that's been proposed.  Just that the
> directory is being moved from ~/GNUStep/Library/AfterStep
> to ~/.afterstep (or something like that).
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