New AfterStep version 2.00.beta1 released

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 12 Aug 2003 12:34:10 -0500

Hi all

I'm happy to announce the end-result of 3 year old effort -
first beta of the AfterStep 2.0

In this version AfterStep has been reimplemented from scratch. All the 
changes and new features are outlined in short list below. For a long 
list please read NEW file in the distro.

For those who decide to install this version, I advise the following 
process :

1) backup your present configuration.
2) remove old version of afterstep, as well as your old configuration
3) Install new AfterStep and run it with default configuration.
4) Try 3 supplied look files to get a demo of the new capabilities.
5) Alter default configuration to suit your needs

AfterStep should support your old configuration just fine, except for 
few exceptions outlined in NEW file. But you may not want to go back to 
your old config, once you tried what the new stuff can do.

Please note that distro now includes alot more image files, some of 
which are xml files. I shall be compiling the list of those with 
previews shortly, and posting it on wao for your perusal.

Also it includes 9 TTF fonts. 1 of them ( Fancy ) is just an eye candy 
font, while the rest are rather complete UNICODE, which should allow you 
to display most non-english language window titles just fine.

Be sure to try different colorschemes with default looks ( found in 
menu/Desktop/Colorscheme ). Again I shall be documenting this new great 
feature shortly ( unless somebody helps me out with that ).

man pages has not been updated yet, so refer to NEW file for all your 
configuration needs.

And now as promised - the list of new features and enhancements :

# New high performance and high quality image handling engine.
# Support for TrueType fonts.
# Text antialiasing.
# Support for UTF-8, UNICODE and numerous locales.
# XML image scripting.
# Improved Window hints handling supporting new Extended WM specs.
# Rewritten and consolidated GUI rendering engine with support for 
shaped windows and complex layouts.
# Better theme support.
# More background image types with support for scaling, shaped images, 
alpha-blending, and other blending algorithms.
#  More powerfull pattern matching algorithm in database.
#  Shaped titlebars and frame decorations.
#  More options to frame decorations.
#  Arbitrary layout of the titlebar buttons.
# Built in screenshot command :).
# Designer quality colorschemes.
# Configuration reading-writing library, allowing for easier 
implementation of GUI contral panel.
# Menus are treated as regular windows, allowing for moving, resizing, 
shading, iconification of menus.
# Used options from submenus could optionally be displayed in parent 
menus for faster menu selection.
# Thumbnail icons could be shown in menus.
# WinList menu shows application icons.
# Shaped Pager and WinList.
# 2D WinList with more flexible layout options.
# Pager's desks could be shaded.
# Wharf allows labels in buttons.
# Numerous layout options in Wharf.
# Wharf performs checks for application availability.
# Additional options in database settings for comprehensive windows 
# AvoidCover are able to move other windows away as they move/resize 
# Optional snapping to edges while moving/resizing windows.
# Proper window switching (alt-tabbing).
# Powerfull initial window placement policies using window boxes.
# Tiled and cascaded initial window placement.
# Shaped balloons.
# Self diagnostic code allowing to properly report segfaults in 
AfterStep, and gracefully recover from most failures.


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