Re: AS2 Pager Configuration Problem

Ales Ledvinka (
Sat, 23 Aug 2003 18:59:54 +0200

> I'm playing around with AS2, trying to get certain things like they were in
> AS1.8.  The one thing that is biting me is Pager configuration.  In AS1 I
> can set:
> *PagerRows           1
> *PagerColumns        1
> In pager configuration and only have one of the Desktops (i.e. just Work). 
> In AS2, if I do this it still draws 4, but now they are horizontally aligned
> vs. vertically aligned. :(  Am I missing something, or is this a bug?
> 	-Sean

there are views and desktops as it was with 1.8.x
	desktop is the thing with name
	desktop is superset of views
	(views are subsets of desktop)
	desktop has it's style associated
	view inherits style of desktop
	number and placement of views is set with PagerRows PagerColumns
configure options to set your prefered default
	--with-desktops=DESKS   default desktops in pager [[4]]
	--with-deskgeometry=GEOM desktop views as COLUMNSxROWS [[2x2]]

AlL. hth.

ps: maybe i am wrong then exchange all occurances of desktop and view ;)

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