Re: AS2 Pager Configuration Problem

Ales Ledvinka (
Mon, 25 Aug 2003 18:12:42 +0200

> Pager. Would that make more sense if I allow Pager to start without 
> command line parameters, and in this case use *PagerRows X *PagerColumns 
> to determine the number of desks ? And at the same time keep command 
> line parameters for backward compatibility.


maybe even better would be also check for:
	PPID name is afterstep	- yes then argv type is based on 
				  ?Autoexec? file
				- no then it is user setting

and as usual user setting taking precedence over system wide setting
taking precedence over compiled in defaults.

and as subordering having Pager file taking precedence over Autoexec file
(which is passed in argv and can collide with !Autoexec supplied argv)

something like this pseudocode but modified, working and optimized ;)

deskr= default_deskr;
deskc= default_deskc;

if ( name(PPID)== afterstep && ! present_homedir_Autoexec()) {
	deskr= (is_ok_r_argv())?(r_argv):deskr;
	deskc= (is_ok_c_argv())?(c_argv):deskc;

if ( systemwide_Pager()) {
	deskr= (is_ok_r_sys())?(r_sys):deskr;
	deskc= (is_ok_c_sys())?(c_sys):deskc;

if ((name(PPID)== afterstep && present_homedir_Autoexec()) ||
	((name(PPID)!= afterstep))
) {
	deskr= (is_ok_r_argv())?(r_argv):deskr;
	deskc= (is_ok_c_argv())?(c_argv):deskc;

if (homedir_Pager()) {
	deskr= (is_ok_r_home())?(r_home):deskr;
	deskc= (is_ok_c_home())?(c_home):deskc;


ps: there is one condition when it will misbehave. it's using afterstep's
"Exec" action to invoke Pager. for example on user's demand from menu
etc. and not having autoexec file in afterstep's homedir path.

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