NoHandles on different apps

Stephan Paukner (
27 Aug 2003 22:39:11 +0200


My question in short: Why do other wm automatically know on which window
to remove handles, but not AS2.0?

I'm not satisfied with the current solution of getting handles off
different (skinned) applications, such as xmms or movie players like
xine or mplayer. I'm just a user, but it seems that those apps tell the
other wm's on which window not to put handles on. Currenty, in AS2.0
there has to be a line added to the file "database" for each of these

Often, hacks have to be done, if different windows of one app have
common names, e.g. I want xmms without handles, but I do want handles on
the file browser of xmms. Also, mplayer, for instance, has some more
windows like "Preferences", "Equalizer" etc., which all have to be
mentioned in "database", otherwise they would also be without handles.

How could the handles be handled in a better way? As I can remember, in
AS1.8 no such entries were needed.


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