Re: NoHandles on different apps

Sasha V. (
Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:29:59 -0500

Stephan Paukner wrote:
> Hi!
> My question in short: Why do other wm automatically know on which window
> to remove handles, but not AS2.0?
> I'm not satisfied with the current solution of getting handles off
> different (skinned) applications, such as xmms or movie players like
> xine or mplayer. I'm just a user, but it seems that those apps tell the
> other wm's on which window not to put handles on. Currenty, in AS2.0
> there has to be a line added to the file "database" for each of these
> windows.

I agree - those apps supply Motif hints. These are somewhat 
archaic, but still supported and actively used.
AfterSTep does support them too, except that there was a bug 
causing them to be ignored ( as well as some settings in 
database too ). I've fixed it like last night, and the fix is in 
CVS. So the next beta will have it, which should be in about 2 
weeks. Sorry for inconvinience. Feel free to check out CVS for now.

cvs -d login
cvs -d co 


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