Beta1 niggles

Graydon (
Sun, 7 Sep 2003 14:57:39 -0400

lingering window size indicators linger on the background.

Windows teleport desktops, very occasionally, for no reason I can

Some new windows *always* teleport -- if I start a konsole window by
clicking on the asmail icon in the wharf, it winds up on the 'Mail'
desktop even if I've started the pager with 'pager 0 0'.

kuickshow starts new windows as tiny, one pixel wide things that I can't
get a grip on to resize; kcalc does this, as well as coming up as just a
title and bottom bar sometimes.  It will also _work_, but apparently
only if I don't move it around on the screen.

Generally very pleased with it; love the new backgrounds facility.


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