AS and national codepage

Alexei V. Mezin (
Sat, 13 Sep 2003 17:36:31 +0400

Hello, as-users

I have some problems in AS (CVS:13-sep-2003 and all previous):
I cant see national (russian, codepage cp1251) letters in window 
captions, hints etc. All settings are "default" (empty ~/.afterstep), 
configure options are --enable-i18n --prefix

And two more small bugs (or hidden features?):

1. If one changes current "look" (default->glass for example) it 
disturbs current "feel": after new "look" is loaded it is impossible to 
change screen by moving mouse outside the screen edges.

2.Open new window and stick it on the screen 1 (left-top). Then move it 
into other screen (for example to the screen 2 right-top) by dragging 
with middle-button on pager and then change your current screen to 
screen 2. Sticked window disappears.

  With best regards
  Alexei V. Mezin             

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