Re: AS and national codepage

Sasha V. (
Sun, 14 Sep 2003 01:21:09 -0500

Alexei V. Mezin wrote:
> Hello, as-users
> I have some problems in AS (CVS:13-sep-2003 and all previous):
> I cant see national (russian, codepage cp1251) letters in window 
> captions, hints etc. All settings are "default" (empty ~/.afterstep), 
> configure options are --enable-i18n --prefix

Ah oh, I'm sorry. The only russian I've been getting lately was 
coming from mozilla, and its using UTF8 encoding producing very 
nice results. There indeed appears to be a bug: I never 
initialize localized text handling :) Fixed it. Hopefully.
It too late into night to properly test it, so it still may not 
work, but I'll get back to it.

> And two more small bugs (or hidden features?):
> 1. If one changes current "look" (default->glass for example) it 
> disturbs current "feel": after new "look" is loaded it is impossible to 
> change screen by moving mouse outside the screen edges.

Fixed this one. Thanks!

> 2.Open new window and stick it on the screen 1 (left-top). Then move it 
> into other screen (for example to the screen 2 right-top) by dragging 
> with middle-button on pager and then change your current screen to 
> screen 2. Sticked window disappears

Yeah, expected behaviour - by moving sticky window off current 
viewport - you are effectively moving it off visible screen for 
good, as sticky window treat virtual coordinates as real 
coordinates. I'm not sure if this is the bug or feature, and 
more inclined to think that it indeed is a feature. I can hardly 
think of a reason for anybody to go about moving sticky windows 
off curent viewport, while it is concievable that someone would 
want to hide window from desktop by moving it off-screen.

Thanks again.

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