2 issues with AS2 vs. AS1.8

Sean Dague (sean@dague.net)
Thu, 18 Sep 2003 15:44:38 -0400

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Pulled CVS a couple nights ago and still have a couple of issues with AS2.=
These are annoyances more than bugs, but would be great if they were fixed
(or had a conf file option to set them)

1. Pager gets focus.  In AS1.x if you mouse over the pager, it doesn't take
focus from the last window you had focus in.  In AS2 it does.  So when you
mouse over the Pager, no window now has focus.  I like the old behavior.

2. Title bar avoidance.  In AS1.x there isn't title bar avoidance between
windows so you can slide windows easily amoung each other.  Window placement
gets really jumpy in AS2 because all the title bars are trying to avoid each
other. :(

Thanks again for all the great work.  Once these get fixed, I'll probably be
moving to AS 2 as my full time desktop. :)



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