Re: 2 issues with AS2 vs. AS1.8

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 19 Sep 2003 11:34:08 -0500

Sean Dague wrote:
> Pulled CVS a couple nights ago and still have a couple of issues with AS2. 
> These are annoyances more than bugs, but would be great if they were fixed
> (or had a conf file option to set them)
> 1. Pager gets focus.  In AS1.x if you mouse over the pager, it doesn't take
> focus from the last window you had focus in.  In AS2 it does.  So when you
> mouse over the Pager, no window now has focus.  I like the old behavior.

Add No Focus to your database entry for the Pager :

Style "Pager"  NoFocus,NoHandles,Layer 3

> 2. Title bar avoidance.  In AS1.x there isn't title bar avoidance between
> windows so you can slide windows easily amoung each other.  Window placement
> gets really jumpy in AS2 because all the title bars are trying to avoid each
> other. :(

Add :

WindowEdgeAttraction  0

to your feel file.

> Thanks again for all the great work.  Once these get fixed, I'll probably be
> moving to AS 2 as my full time desktop. :)


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