Re: compile troubles with 2.0.0beta1

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 11:05:18 -0500

Chris McCraw wrote:
> sorry to reply to my own mail, but i found that a version 4.0 gif_lib.h
> cleared up the compile troubles, once i tracked one down.
> of course, it won't actually link without the actual newer version of
> libgif, so hopefully i'll be able to get that installed and things'll
> work.

That is correct. So distributions - most notably debian were/are coming 
with older version of libgif that is broken (You won't be able to use 
transparent gifs, which in fact makes it unusable ). That  version is 
dated like middle of last century, and I really have no idea why it is 
still in circulation. To cut long story short  - you are supposed to 
upgrade version of libgif on your system if you want to have support for 
gif images.

Working around that problem using ./configure script is just too much 
trouble for me ( althou I would accept patches ). Also I have support 
for gif disabled by default in current cvs - and that is how it will be 
in future.

Burn all GIFs! Use PNG!


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