Re: compile troubles with 2.0.0beta1

Chris McCraw (
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 22:08:00 -0500

Sasha wrote:
>That is correct. So distributions - most notably debian were/are coming
>with older version of libgif that is broken (You won't be able to use
>transparent gifs, which in fact makes it unusable ). That  version is
>dated like middle of last century, and I really have no idea why it is
>still in circulation. 

actually we build from source our entire system, and libgif is a /usr/local
installation anyhow, so it may be that debian actually ships a reasonable
version, and we're just lagging.  it was just confusing, and someone else
hit it in the list archives sometime back in the summer as well but there
was no resolution then, so i think at least some docs are needed, even if
debian isn't as far behind as i made it appear (i run no stock debian
systems so i cannot tell you either way--can someone else not running
unstable or testing comment?)

since you say it's set to not-by-default in cvs (it certainly either was
default or was set by configure for me--i didn't set it explicitly) it
probably won't bite anyone else anyways.

thanks again!
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