Wharf and WinList

Alexei V. Mezin (alex783@hotbox.ru)
Sun, 28 Sep 2003 22:12:25 +0400

Hi all.

There is a little problem in positioning WinList and Wharf (horisontal 
button bar):

after start (with default config) at the screen top we can see WinList 
and  Wharf under it. But if one roll off Wharf with right mouse button 
it jumps to the top-left corner and shifts WinList down.

And one question about themes:
can someone create theme with look&feel&colors identical to default 
look&feel of AS1.8.x?

Or can you give me a hint: I want to make window captions height like 
height of Menu captions.

  With best regards
  Alexei V. Mezin                       mailto:alex783@hotbox.ru

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