Re: AfterStep and KDE/Gnome tray

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 09:29:22 -0500

Alexei V. Mezin wrote:
> Jason Day wrote:
>> On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 09:50:42PM +0400, Alexei V. Mezin wrote:
>>> Lots of modern programs use KDE- or Gnome-style tray. Is there any 
>>> way to use Wharf with such a programs?
>> There is a program called docker:
> I found program called peksystray 
> (
> It works under AS1.8.x and can be swallowed by Wharf. It can handle 
> KDE-style tray icons. This program is very simple and has limitations 
> (for example two icons overlaps).
> But program source code is only _one_ *.c file (size 10kb) and looks 
> clear and easy to understand. May be it is possible to include ideas of 
> this program to AS for "native" KDE tray support?

It is based on System Tray Protocol Specification :

Now there is nothing in AfterSTep that has similar semantics at the 
moment, but that sounds like a good idea for a new module. Do I see any 
volunteers ?

Personally I shall try and debug KDE/GNOME panels/trays under AS and 
that is as far as I will go due to huge backlog



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