Re: odd window focus problem

Dhaval Patel (
Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:12:16 -0000

i sometimes get this with my laptop. I am using Afterstep 1.8x. I have a shortcut key to
raise and lower windows so I hit the keys to raise the window and it regains focus. That
is annoying, I cannot understand why that happens.

Chris McCraw <> said:

> hi folks,
> 	i've observed a not-entirely-reproducible bug that is really annoying
> and thought perhaps someone here has seen it too and might have something
> reproducible that tickles it so that it could be tracked down.
> 	occasionally, one of my windows loses ability to take keyboard focus.
> before today i thought it might be the app's (opera) fault, but it just
> happened to an rxvt window.  i can still interact with the mouse in the
> window, but i cannot give it focus (the titlebar doesn't change to the
> "focused" color/font).  when this happens, i also cannot move or resize
> the window in question.  if i choose move from the
> leftclickondesktop->windows menu, it will show me the geometry and
> coordinates of wherever i move the cursor, but the window stays put.
> i can still interact with the title bar (ie to hit the X to close/destroy).
> running afterstep 2.0.0beta2, debian, xinerama--though this happens on
> when apps are started on and used on either screen.
> opera (any of the 7.2x series, of which 7.21 was just released today
> and has already exhibited it for me) typically tickles this bug, no
> matter where or with what geometry i start it.  i have to start it
> several times to get one that works, and once i've gotten one that works
> for 30 seconds, it's generally fine for days.
> however, opera nearly always displays it immediately or on the second
> or third focus event anyhow, while the rxvt that it happened to had
> been active for days before it happened there.  i am only changing focus
> directly with the mouse (sloppyfocus), not with alt-tab or by changing
> desktops.
> thanks for your attention.  i'm really enjoying as2.0 overall, just
> some niggling details getting in the way of my bliss.
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