Re: starting afterstep

Frank Gore (
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 16:19:09 -0400

Ryan Mayer wrote:
> I have just compiled and installed Afterstep 1.8.11. How do I get it to
> start when I startx?  I have tried "exec afterstep" and "exec Afterstep"
> in my .xinitrc file.  The X-server reports that the commands cannot be
> found.  What is the command to start Afterstep? 

If you compiled it and installed it with no options passed to the 
./configure command, (ie a --prefix= option), then the afterstep binary 
is probably not in your path. I forget what the default is, but it's 
something along the lines of /usr/local/share/AfterStep. Just do a find 
for "afterstep" (find /usr -name afterstep) and it should come up. Then 
either put:

exec /usr/local/share/AfterStep/afterstep
(or whatever the path really is)

in your .xinitrc or add the directory that afterstep is in to your 
default path:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/share/AfterStep
(or whatever the path really is)

Keep in mind that any $PATH change will only be active for the session 
you type it in. If you want it to always be true, add that line to your 
.bashrc file.

btw, why did you choose 1.8.11 when there's a perfectly good 2.0 beta 
waiting to be tested? :)


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