configure output, still doesnt work in vnc3.3.2r3

Chris McCraw (
Thu, 2 Oct 2003 11:00:28 -0500

the long output at the end of configure about big brother, etc,
is really hard to read if you have a terminal which is only
80 characters (default) wide--most lines wrap by 5-15 characters.

i'm glad to get that information (not sure yet how i feel about
the automagic email--i support a several-thousand-user site), so
please don't remove it, but a little formatting would go a long

as well i never got a reply to my previous bug report about
2.0beta1 and Xvnc.  it still doesn't work in 2.0b2.  i include
another dump of its output and apologize again for my inability
to make it dump core reasonably (and would love to help debug
if anyone has any tips on making it dump core within vnc).

Segmentation Fault trapped in afterstep.
Printing Debug Information :
 Loaded dynamic libraries :
 Signal Context :
   EAX: 0x00000000  EBX: 0x00000000  ECX: 0x00000E00  EDX: 0x08123BC0
   ESP: 0xBFFFF4D0  EBP: 0xBFFFF4F8  EIP: 0x080A3832
   ESI: 0x081486A0  EDI: 0x0050003D
 Stack Backtrace :
   0xBFFFF4F8  0xBFFFF51C  0xBFFFF4D0  [ConnectX+0x162(354)]
   0xBFFFF51C  0xBFFFF558  0x08063198  [main+0x98(152)]
   0xBFFFF558  0x00000000  0x401FC14F[program entry point]
Please collect all the listed information and submit a bug report to <>.

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