Re: xterm background color?

Thu, 20 Nov 2003 16:20:13 -0600

> Sorry, I should have mentioned that.  I've never found out the
> difference in purposes of the two different files.  Maybe they are
> synonymous.  Just to be sure, I have them hard-linked together so they
> are the same file.
> Until I get smarter, I do what works.
> It's worthwhile to look at the "Resources" section of the man pages
> for various X apps you use, and see if there are any other
> characteristics you would like to customize in your ~/.Xresources (or
> the other one).

Thanks.  I think .Xresources is correct because
I got red to work for select, but yellow didn't
work for either forground or background.  I did
find the xterm man page listing of resources, so
I should be able to figure it out.  Eventually :-)

Wierdly, the bug of the work screens vanishing
no longer happens now that I've got a .Xresources
and .Xdefaults files.  If that's all it takes,
it's an easy fix!

Mike Rosing

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