ViewportX and ViewPortY

Wayne E. Harlan (
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 06:40:36 -0800 (PST)

I have finally tried the afterstep-stable from CVS.  I pulled the source
on 11-2, I think.  I am using the 4 desktop pager that seems to be the
default, each with 4 windows.  This is the same configuration I have on
my old host system with 1.8.10.  (I'm building a new LinuxFromScratch
system and need to wait until now to try AS).

When I set up my gentoo file manager to have ViewportX 0, ViewPortY 1200
in my database file (like on my host system), it appears the two numbers
get interchanged.  My screen is 1600x1200 and I want gentoo tocome up in
the second row, first column.  It actually comes up part way between the
two windows in the first row.  When I set ViewportX 1200, ViewportY 0,
then gentoo comes up properly, so I think the two parameters are getting
swapped somehow.

Next, after a few uses of the start menu it just stops appearing.  I
have to use alt+control+backspace to exit.

Next, I have no problems running OpenOffice !  The thing here is
probably that I have compiled it from source on my new system, and that
may be why it works.  I have a thing about using pre-compiled binaries,
so am following the LFS and BLFS procedures to build everything, except
acrobat reader.  I can run scalc and swriter from an xterm or from the
wharf without any problems.


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Every major flaw has a minor plan.
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