AS 2.0 beta 2 isssues

Przemyslaw Gawronski (
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:25:27 +0100

Hello to all AS users.

First very big thanks to Sasha and helpers for AS 2 !!! Every once in a while
I setup myself a different window manager, configure it, play around for some
time, but after a day or two alway end up returning to AS, just cann't help it :-)

I'm using AfterStep-2.00.beta2 and finally got to the stage I would like to
tune some thinks up.

1. The popupwindows (like 'save file ?' confirmation dialog window in most GUI
apps) has to be placed by hand on the screen. Which is a little distrubing. How
do I allow them to place them selfs automaticaly ?

from my feel file:

# Place window in empty zones
# Random window placement
# Windows can't chose where to place

2. Being inspired by Sashas screenshot I've seen once, I wanted to have nice
transparent aterm which tails a log file (like /var/log/messages). For that I
use the command:

aterm -sh 80 -geometry 80x10+470+660 -name MessagesLogViewer -sl 0 -tr \
    -fg yellow -e sudo /usr/bin/tail -f /var/log/messages &

with such a line in database file:
Style   "*LogViewer"     Sticky, NoTitle, NoHandles, WindowListSkip, \
    StayOnBack, CirculateSkip

to keep the window always on bottom of all others (StayOnBack) and being
skiped bay Alt-Tab and winlist.

But somehow it doesn't want to stay under all windows and when I point it with
mouse it doese raise above other windows, although they are in Layer 0. Any
ideasy why ?

3. Cursor keys in meny don't work, do I have set it up manualy somehow ? In
1.8.11 it worked like a dream. As a look free typist I try to avoid using the
mouse as posible, so now missing the cursor keys in menu is a loss.

4. The restart option in menu crashes the X server. Others experience that
also ?

5. Some times when I click an a window in pager all my windows in that
workspace jump to the first page of that workspace. Is that known to others ?
And how can I help it ?

6. In my wharf I run wmxmms:

*Wharf AudioPlayer - Swallow "wmxmms" wmxmms -n -t &

but when when starting (restarting wharf) it waits untill I click the left
mouse button and places it in wharf as expected, but does requier a click.
A'm I doing somthing wrong in wharf file ?

I'll thankful for any tips.


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