Re: AS 2.0 beta 2 isssues

Fri, 28 Nov 2003 08:44:27 -0600

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From: Przemyslaw Gawronski <>
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2003 4:25 am
Subject: AS 2.0 beta 2 isssues

> Hello to all AS users.
> First very big thanks to Sasha and helpers for AS 2 !!! Every once 
> in a while
> I setup myself a different window manager, configure it, play 
> around for some
> time, but after a day or two alway end up returning to AS, just 
> cann't help it :-)

I'll second that!  All the desktops are really
> I'm using AfterStep-2.00.beta2 and finally got to the stage I would 
> like to
> tune some thinks up.
> 1. The popupwindows (like 'save file ?' confirmation dialog window 
> in most GUI
> apps) has to be placed by hand on the screen. Which is a little 
> distrubing. How
> do I allow them to place them selfs automaticaly ?
> from my feel file:
> # Place window in empty zones
> #SmartPlacement
> #
> # Random window placement
> #RandomPlacement
> #
> # Windows can't chose where to place
> #NoPPosition

Mine has this:

# Initial Placement of the windows
# Old style (simplified) settings :

# Place window in empty zones
# Random window placement
# Windows can't chose where to place

and it does the same thing.  Not having to click
every window position would be nice.

> 4. The restart option in menu crashes the X server. Others 
> experience that
> also ?

Haven't tried it, but I do have an application
that forces a logout.  I'm trying to capture it
for Sasha so he can figure that one out.
> 5. Some times when I click an a window in pager all my windows in that
> workspace jump to the first page of that workspace. Is that known 
> to others ?
> And how can I help it ?

Is "pager" the thing that has the "work/www/mail/games" screens?
My pager always vanishes before I can click in it.
I've sent that bug in too.
> 6. In my wharf I run wmxmms:
> *Wharf AudioPlayer - Swallow "wmxmms" wmxmms -n -t &
> but when when starting (restarting wharf) it waits untill I click 
> the left
> mouse button and places it in wharf as expected, but does requier a 
> click.A'm I doing somthing wrong in wharf file ?

Check for the "wait" command.  comment it out and it
won't wait for the click (somebody else mentioned
it for start up, I think it's the same thing.)

Hang in there, I think AS 2.0 is going to be really
great when the bugs get worked out!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

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