Re: AS 2.0 beta 2 isssues
Fri, 28 Nov 2003 11:25:42 -0500 (EST)

(I know, not a real reply don't have orig msg)

>From Przemyslaw Gawronski:
>6. In my wharf I run wmxmms:
>*Wharf AudioPlayer - Swallow "wmxmms" wmxmms -n -t &
>but when when starting (restarting wharf) it waits untill I click the
>left mouse button and places it in wharf as expected, but does requier a
>click. Am I doing somthing wrong in wharf file ?

Seem to remember the flags to wmxmms changed at somepoint.
*Wharf AudioPlayer - Swallow "wmxmms" wmxmms -single &

Also ended up adding the following to the database file so xmms would work

Style   "xmms"          Icon x11amp.xpm, NoTitle, NoHandles
Style   "Load*"         Title, Handles, BorderWidth 1, StaysOnTop


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