Re: Aterm, QT and mouse-buffer

Frank Gore (
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:47:32 -0500

On Wed November 12 2003 09:45, Christian B. Wiik wrote:
> Not sure if this is the correct place, but here goes..
> I have not been able to paste anything from my Aterm terminals into any
> QT applications lately. First I thought it was some kind of client bug,
> but I now see it goes for all my QT apps.
> If i mark text in one terminal, I can paste into both other terminals
> and other apps not using QT. If I try into a QT app nothing happens.
> If i start a Xterm, and mark text there, I can paste into QT without
> problems.
> Any hints? Running Aterm 0.4.2 on a RedHat 9 box.

By "Qt applications", do you mean KDE apps? Are you trying to use the "Paste" 
feature of KDE, or clicking the third mouse button to paste? I don't know if 
you're aware, but there's like 2 or 3 different copy buffers to worry about 
in XFree86, depending on the app you're using, and they're all accessed 
differently. The default X copy buffer uses the first and third mouse button. 
The first to highlight/copy, and the third to paste. All KDE and Gnome apps 
obey this too. Then there's the "Paste" feature in KDE and Gnome. KDE apps 
use the Klipper for that (the KDE copy buffer), and that works MS-style by 
highlighting the item to copy, then using Edit->Copy (or equivalent), then 
Edit->Paste to paste the buffer into another app. The same is true for the 
Gnome Clipboard, although KDE and Gnome don't share the same copy buffer. The 
only real universal way to copy and paste between apps is by using the native 
XFree86 copy buffer (highlight with mouse button 1, then paste with mouse 
button 3). This can be annoying though if you're trying to replace a 
selection when you paste, because highlighting the selection you want to 
replace means you've just copied that into the buffer and lost what you 
intended to copy in the first place.


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