Re: ViewportX and ViewPortY

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:45:36 -0600

Wayne E. Harlan wrote:

> I have finally tried the afterstep-stable from CVS.  I pulled the source
> on 11-2, I think.  I am using the 4 desktop pager that seems to be the
> default, each with 4 windows.  This is the same configuration I have on
> my old host system with 1.8.10.  (I'm building a new LinuxFromScratch
> system and need to wait until now to try AS).
> When I set up my gentoo file manager to have ViewportX 0, ViewPortY 1200
> in my database file (like on my host system), it appears the two numbers
> get interchanged.  My screen is 1600x1200 and I want gentoo tocome up in
> the second row, first column.  It actually comes up part way between the
> two windows in the first row.  When I set ViewportX 1200, ViewportY 0,
> then gentoo comes up properly, so I think the two parameters are getting
> swapped somehow.

Fixed that  - thanks for reporting

> Next, after a few uses of the start menu it just stops appearing.  I
> have to use alt+control+backspace to exit.

I've never seen that happening :(
could you recompile AS with --enable-gdb and then spool output into log 
like so :

afterstep -l ~/afterstep.log

and then e-mail me this log.



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