rfc: AfterStep themes handling

Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:38:58 +0100 (CET)

     Hello everyone!

After fidling years with afterstep i am more and more
annoyed by the really dumb theme handling afterstep has,
so here are my thoughts on how to improve that:

 - first what i want exactly:

    * themes should define how the interface looks like
        + organisation of Wharf and its entries, Pager,
          Winlist ,Proportions in general
        + examples of interfaces: windows/kde/gnome, blackbox, mac osx...
        + include personal settings
    * looks should define window decor, texturisation of wharf.
    * color schemes to specify foreground background colors
      (tinting of the whole)
    * extend both 1.8.x branch and 2.x branch with this feature

 - how i thought to do it:

    * categorise every entry possible so themes can pick up what they
      need out of those entries ( Wharf entries for now )
        + entry examples: network, games, applets, user, favorites
        + holds: entryname , appicon,miniicon , command
        + file: PrototypeWharf
        + user specified and/or distro specified
    * theme specific wharf file which defines
        + spacer left, right
        + how to decorate entries
        + statement of Prototype entry (folder) to include recursively
        + file : themewharf
    *proceed those 2 files and write real wharf file
        + have same syntax as usuall wharf file except :
           <> additional include/exclude statement
           <> backpixmap of subfolder entries

 - Why all that:
        + let afterstep achieve world domination :)
        + look at http://www.fet.at/~niklas/public/af_themeshot.png
          (3 wharfs)
               and http://www.fet.at/~niklas/public/xtreme.png
          (4 wharfs all open btw)

 - what i'd like to know:

Does all that sound/read logical/rational to others on the list?
Could it work like i thought (i know i didn't go into details) ?

If there are no objections i ll begin implementing it with a bash script

greats Niklas
aka Born2Late

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