Laundry list for AS 2.0 beta3

Bob McClure Jr (
Thu, 1 Jan 2004 23:10:27 -0600

Well, I took the plunge and downloaded and built AS v.2.0 beta3.  I've
been using 1.8.11 for a long time.  Very nice eye candy and (mostly)
good functionality.  Here are the problems I encountered.  First, my

AMD Athlon-550
256 Meg RAM
RedHat 9
Monitor "ViewSonic G790"
Device "RIVA TNT2" 1600x1200

I did a plain ./configure, taking all the defaults.

1. On startup, only the MonitorWharf comes up and is blank except for
   the AfterStep logo in the top button.  If I hit <Enter> or click
   the mouse, it finishes loading both wharves, the pager and the
   winlist.  After I got the icons working (see item 5) the
   MonitorWharf was populated with the AS logo and the Recycle and
   RedLight icons, but none of the AS applets showed as loaded until I
   made some keyboard or mouse input.

2. This is a minor config problem.  As it comes out of the box, the
   winlist shows up about a third of the way down from the top of the
   screem, namely below the pager.  Apparently the pager loaded first,
   and the winlist couldn't find space above the pager.  I changed the
   pager geometry from -1+27 to -1+30 and the winlist was a happy
   camper.  Interestingly, the (stock) autoexec has winlist loading
   first with a "wait" after it.

3. Shouldn't the cursor change to a vertical two-headed arrow when it
   hovers over the bottom border handle?  It still works ok, but
   doesn't look right.  This may be related to item 4.

   Also, somewhere along the way of adding icon files and changing
   config files, my desktop cursor is now the generic X cursor instead
   of the proper arrow.  Then I went to the menus and changed the look
   and my cursor returned to the proper arrow.  And I got my
   double-headed arrows for resizing.  But when I logged out and
   restarted, my cursor was back to the X until I re-selected a look
   from the menus.

4. This distro is missing a lot of the .../desktop/icons/*/* files.
   The web site has a nice display of them, but it looks like they can
   be downloaded only one at a time using several mouse clicks for
   each.  Have I missed an easier way to download the icons?

   Before you answer, read to the end of item 5.

5. (Related to 4.) I went through ~/.Afterstep-errors and identified
   the carps about missing image files, and downloaded those.  I
   restarted AS, but now it complains

afterstep ERROR: unable to load file
"/usr/local/share/afterstep/desktop/icons/dots/x_medium" - PNG
image format is not supported."

   rpm reports that I have installed


   Meanwhile, I used ImageMagick's convert utility to convert the .png
   files I downloaded into .xpms and now all my wharf items have icons
   and I now have window decorations.

   Well, after further investigation, I find that the distro may well
   have all the graphics, but some are in XML, some PNG and a few
   XPM.  At any rate, I didn't get all of it installed.

6. I copied the system feels/feels.DEFAULT file to my local
   ~/.afterstep/feels.DEFAULT and modified it to autoraise and it's
   not taking effect.  Then I renamed it to feels.bob and then
   selected it from the menu system, and now it works.  Never mind.

   I'm curious though.  Why would you want a selection of more than
   one feel in your ~/.afterstep/?

7. My ~/.Afterstep-errors has

afterstep ERROR: failed to locate icon file default-switchwindow-light
in the IconPath and PixmapPath

   However, I do have
   but it's XML.  Is that right?  (May be related to item 5.)

8. My ~/.Afterstep-errors is reporting

afterstep warning: LANG environment variable is not set - use -L
"locale" command line option to define locale

   It's being launched from gdm and the LANG variable is set in
   /etc/profile, specifically /etc/profile.d/  Isn't that in
   effect at that time?

9. The main page of the web site has a misspelling in paragraph 5.
   Search for "actuall".

   Also the "Icons, Clipart, etc." button on the left should link to
   /data/desktop/index.html instead of
   /data/desktop/icons/index.html.  I had to use the "Go Back" link
   from the latter to get to the former.  Now I'd like to get all of
   those graphics, too.  (Item 5 again?)

10. None of the .../desktop/bars/* were installed from the
    distribution.  I wrote a long one-liner to convert the
    .../desktop/bars/png/* files in the distribution to XPM files and
    put them in ~/.afterstep/desktop/bars/.  (Item 5 again?)

Before I build with debugging on so I can send a debug log, I thought
I would see if some of these could be fixed without that.  Let me

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