2.0 beta 3

Fabien Perdu (fabien.perdu@m4x.org)
Sat, 10 Jan 2004 10:52:04 +0100

Great work Sasha, the baby is becoming more and more stable.

I downloaded and installed the .tar.gz, and it ran out of the box (no
png problem for example - I use RH9.0).

Aside from what has already been said (winlist in the middle of the
screen, cursor randomly inaccurate, move changing to resize across
the edges of screen,...), I have got a few more comments :

1. I don't use winlist in general, but as it is present in the default
configuration, I noticed a rather disturbing behavior : the width
allocated to each window is proportional to the length of the name of
the window. As one usually has windows with very short (aterm) and very
long (mozilla - long site name) names, some windows soon get a width of
only a few pixels while large portions of the screen are wasted for a few
windows. It is not a bug, it is a disturbing feature...

2. For one's personal configuration, colorschemes are a great great way
of saving time, by grouping the definition of colors outside the look
file. One can even change the look and the colors separately. Thank you !

3. While playing with the look file, I noticed that in the pager,
unfocused windows were displayed with the *PagerSWindowStyle instead
of the *PagerUWindowStyle. Sticky windows are also displayed with the
*PagerSWindowStyle. Hence all windows except the focused one seem sticky
if you look at the pager.

4. I copied my old asetroot at the end of the look file.

MyBackground "back0"
    Use 0 "myphoto0.jpg"
DeskBack  0  "back0"
MyBackground "back1"
    Use 0 "myphoto1.jpg"
DeskBack  1  "back1"

In 1.8, At each change of desktop, the redrawing was seemless and took a
small fraction of second. Now the transition ("Changing to desktop 1",
with dark blue tint and progressive tiling of the screen) takes more than
one second, perhaps two (the images are the same as before). I liked
AfterStep for its simplicity are its speed, are we losing them ?

5. Last, but not least : here is the reason why I am going to step back to
1.8 just after sending this mail : I used 2 wonderful lines in my feel
file :
Mouse 1         W       M       Move
Mouse 2         W       M       Resize
and they do not work anymore.
They enabled me to move and resize windows without having to find
precisely the border or the title with my mouse. It is a matter of
survival for my nerves :-)))

Thank you again Sasha.
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