Re: 2.0 beta 3

Sasha Vasko (
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:13:21 -0600

Fabien Perdu wrote:

> 1. I don't use winlist in general, but as it is present in the default
> configuration, I noticed a rather disturbing behavior : the width
> allocated to each window is proportional to the length of the name of
> the window. As one usually has windows with very short (aterm) and very
> long (mozilla - long site name) names, some windows soon get a width of
> only a few pixels while large portions of the screen are wasted for a few
> windows. It is not a bug, it is a disturbing feature...

Good point - I'll see what I can do.

> 3. While playing with the look file, I noticed that in the pager,
> unfocused windows were displayed with the *PagerSWindowStyle instead
> of the *PagerUWindowStyle. Sticky windows are also displayed with the
> *PagerSWindowStyle. Hence all windows except the focused one seem sticky
> if you look at the pager.

Fixed in CVS (hopefully)

> 4. I copied my old asetroot at the end of the look file.
> MyBackground "back0"
>     Use 0 "myphoto0.jpg"
>     Scale
> ~MyBackground
> DeskBack  0  "back0"
> MyBackground "back1"
>     Use 0 "myphoto1.jpg"
>     Scale
> ~MyBackground
> DeskBack  1  "back1"
> In 1.8, At each change of desktop, the redrawing was seemless and took a
> small fraction of second. Now the transition ("Changing to desktop 1",
> with dark blue tint and progressive tiling of the screen) takes more than
> one second, perhaps two (the images are the same as before). I liked
> AfterStep for its simplicity are its speed, are we losing them ?

Not really, previously, latency of loading background was hidden by the 
fact that it was done by the second process - not AfterStep. Now 
AfterStep itself loads background. The reason I did that was in order to 
save some memory. It does not work very well right now though, and I 
will be working on improving that.

> 5. Last, but not least : here is the reason why I am going to step back to
> 1.8 just after sending this mail : I used 2 wonderful lines in my feel
> file :
> Mouse 1         W       M       Move
> Mouse 2         W       M       Resize
> and they do not work anymore.
> They enabled me to move and resize windows without having to find
> precisely the border or the title with my mouse. It is a matter of
> survival for my nerves :-)))

If you mean that it require syou to click on the window, instead of just 
using current focused one - that it should be fixed in CVS.

> Thank you again Sasha.

You welcome

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