Some AS issues

Stephan Paukner (
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 06:12:56 +0100


- I have my Wharf vertically at the top right corner of my screen. After
startup, I can't change to the desktop to the right when I move the
mouse pointer over Wharf. It only works when I move the mouse below it.

- I still can't change the xawtv application to fullscreen. The screen
resolution changes as it should, but the TV screen isn't moved to the
center of the view - I can see a part of the desktop background.

- I have my Monitor Wharf horizontally at the bottom right corner of my
screen. Since a few days I can't fold it out any more after having
folded it in with a right-click. A few days ago I checked out a new cvs
version and switched to kernel 2.6, so I can't tell for sure where it
could come from.



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