Re: Laundry list for AS 2.0 beta3

Doug Alcorn (
Fri, 02 Jan 2004 13:56:21 -0500

Sasha Vasko <> writes:

> But what angers me most of all is this stupid package separation in
> Rad Hat and Debian.  I mean even if it saves  couple hundred K on
> harddrive, it makes no noticeable difference, after installation of
> such garbadge as KDE/GNOMe, while causing sufficient confusion and
> inconvinience. I mean why would I want to rob AfterStep of PNG support
> just becouse distro has stupid packaging scheme.

This is interesting because RedHat and Debian have done this for
years.  Also, most of the "popular" distributions are based on one of
these two (The notable exceptions are slackware and gentoo).

Yes, this split between -devel and runtime packages has caused
countless support problems.  We used to justify this by talking about
"production" systems versus "development" systems.  Development
systems needed more disk space because of the C compiler and all the
extra headers and such.  But you're right, KDE/Gnome are very large by

I bet it would be an interesting discussion on the debian-devel
mailing list to ask about doing away with -devel packages.
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