Bugs and questions

Alexei V. Mezin (alex783@hotbox.ru)
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:35:56 +0300

Hello as-users,

AS2 -- CVS from 17 Jan 2004.


1. After fresh start of AS / after "Update everything" command / after
change of colorscheme or feel one have to change the look to update
cursor shapes.

2. Some strange things with Wharf/MonitorWharf:
   right click on Wharf minimize it (in right bottom in my configs).
   Several quick right clicks on minimized Wharf make it maximized but
   with _inverse_ order of applets and bugs in redrawing. Very hard to
   reproduce but this bug exists.


What is the difference between Wharf and MonitorWharf? If I change
Wharf settings I can stop/start Wharf module to reload settings. How can
I reload settings for MonitorWharf?

And a question about new menu feature. It is very nice that AS
automatically brings recently used menu items to the upper level of
menu structure. But it seem to me that sometimes this is not very
useful for look/feel/colors and other rare used menu parts. So may be
it is possible to put something in .include file for that directories
to block that feature?

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