Re: pager in the wharf....

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:07:19 -0600

Graydon wrote:

> Latest CVS -- from 12 Jan 2004, 12h58 EST -- works, the included spec
> But I still can't get the pager into the wharf.
> If I use:
> *Wharf Pager - SwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 0 
> I get two and a bit of what ought to be six viewports in the wharf, and
> I can't do anything with them; they don't show any open windows, and if
> I click on them I wind up several desktops away, with the background
> the paper is using gone to default grey, instead of the mostly black of
> the background I am using.
> If I use:
> *Wharf Pager - MaxSwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 0
> I get an absolutely enormous pager, the whole width of the screen, which
> in turn causes a wharf the whole width the screen, with all the other
> icons neatly centred.
> This appears to be completely independent of any size specifications in
> the pager.

Ok turns out afterstep was starting Pager with improper cmd line, 
causing it to assume that it had 256 desktops :). That was causing all 
kinds of wierdness and strange behaviour.

Fixed it in CVS, thanks for being patient with me :)


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