Re: Bugs and questions

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 13:18:48 -0600

Alexei V. Mezin wrote:

> Hello as-users,
> AS2 -- CVS from 17 Jan 2004.
> Bugs:

working on it ...

> Questions:
> What is the difference between Wharf and MonitorWharf? If I change
> Wharf settings I can stop/start Wharf module to reload settings. How can
> I reload settings for MonitorWharf?

MonitorWharf is just a second Wharf. Afterstep allows you to run 
multiple instances of the same module with different configuration, but 
creating sym-links to module's exacutable with different name.

In this case MonitorWharf is merely a symlink to Wharf.

In this case every line in wharf config file that starts with *MonitorWharf

will pertain to that second wharf, while every lkine that starts with
will pertain to the first wharf.

Distro comes with two entries in Modules menu - one for Wharf and 
another for MonitorWharf. You can start and stop it from there, just 
like any other module.

The reason for adding this second wharf to default setup was
a) to show an example of this powerfull feature to new users ( which is 
the primary goal of default setup - to demonstrates usefull features )

b) it makes sense to separate your monitoring apps from the launching 

> And a question about new menu feature. It is very nice that AS
> automatically brings recently used menu items to the upper level of
> menu structure. But it seem to me that sometimes this is not very
> useful for look/feel/colors and other rare used menu parts. So may be
> it is possible to put something in .include file for that directories
> to block that feature?

Right now feel setting RecentSubmenuItems <number>
sets the number of such entries for all the menus.

I could add ability to specify it in .include files and thus override 
global one, if that sounds reasonable.



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