Re: pager in the wharf....

Graydon (
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:11:54 -0500

Oh, and starting mozilla or kmail _still_ results in getting thrown a
desk over, even when I've only got (I thought) 1 desk --

Compiled with:

./configure --prefix=/usr/X11R6 --datadir=/usr/share \
    --disable-staticlibs --enable-sharedlibs \
	 --with-helpcommand="aterm -e man" \
	 --with-desktops=1 \
	 --with-deskgeometry=2x3 \
	 --with-imageloader="qiv --root"

Starting pager from the wharf --

*Wharf Pager - MaxSwallowModule "Pager" Pager 0 0

Do I need to remove the other three desks as defined in ~/.afterstep/pager to keep this from happening?


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