Re: Laundry list for AS 2.0 beta3

Mads Martin Joergensen (
Fri, 2 Jan 2004 20:07:09 +0100

* Doug Alcorn <> [Jan 02. 2004 20:00]:
> > But what angers me most of all is this stupid package separation in
> > Rad Hat and Debian.  I mean even if it saves  couple hundred K on
> > harddrive, it makes no noticeable difference, after installation of
> > such garbadge as KDE/GNOMe, while causing sufficient confusion and
> > inconvinience. I mean why would I want to rob AfterStep of PNG support
> > just becouse distro has stupid packaging scheme.
> This is interesting because RedHat and Debian have done this for
> years.  Also, most of the "popular" distributions are based on one of
> these two (The notable exceptions are slackware and gentoo).

SuSE is not based on either of them, and have also done this for years.
It's a good idea IMHO.

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