AS 2.0b3 Feel problem

Frank Ronny Larsen (
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 01:44:00 +0100

Hi all,

I've been playing around a bit with the latest beta and stumbled across
a few problems. Some of them has been mentioned before (like having to
click once to get autoexec to proceed). Here is a few more:

1. Mouseevent

I use the following in my personel feel-file:

Mouse 1		W	4	Function "Move-or-Top"
Mouse 2		W	4	Resize

This allows me to move and resize windows by simply holding the Windows
key and grabbing the window. This works fine in 1.8 (using CS as
modifier) but when I try this in 2.0b3 I get the behaviour specified for
clicking in the root window:

Mouse 1         R       A       PopUp "0"
Mouse 2         R       A       GetHelp

I have tried to use different modifiers, but the result is the same.
One strange thing though: This happens for all windows I've tested so
far, except the 'xev' window, which behaves as it should.

2. Placement turns to resize

I use SmartPlacement to place windows, which sometimes prompts me to
manually place the window on screen. If I drag this window to another
subdesktop (what are these called again?) it stays on the original desk,
but is sized so that it stretches into the new desk.

3. Examples
It should perhaps be noted in the example feel-configurations that using
numbers 1-5 as key modifer uses the Mod1-Mod5 modifer masks. And that
the Windows (Super) keys on modern keyboards maps to Mod4. (At least
they do on Gentoo.)
On my systems, I have modified the default feels to use the following,
thus preventing Afterstep from stealing Ctrl+arrow events. :)

# WinKey + arrow = 1 page
Key Left        A       4       Scroll -100 0
Key Right       A       4       Scroll +100 +0
Key Up          A       4       Scroll +0   -100
Key Down        A       4       Scroll +0   +100

# Shift + Winkey + arrow = change desktop
Key Left        A       S4      Desk 0 0
Key Right       A       S4      Desk 0 1
Key Up          A       S4      Desk 0 2
Key Down        A       S4      Desk 0 3


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