Afterstep Wharf Question

Joseph White (
Sat, 14 Feb 2004 17:41:16 -0500

 Hi All,

Using Afterstep 1.8 W/Freebsd 5.2.

In the Wharf config file I have the following setting (see below) which creates
a folder that expands and can have multiple apps inside.

The folder expands to the "LEFT" which is great if the "Wharf" is on the right
side of the desktop. I put the Wharf on the left side of the desktop because of
the backgroud I'm using and now need the Folder to expand to the right.

Anyone know the setting to change the direction of the folder expansion?



*Wharf Applications FileFolders.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders

*Wharf xfig draw.xpm Exec "xfig" xfig &

*Wharf ~Folders

   	  Joseph S. White

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