Re: CVS Mailing List

Remco Rijnders (
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 06:38:02 +0100

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 19:31:30 -0500, Frank Gore <>  

> Sometime ages upon ages ago, I subscribed to a mailing list that  
> announces CVS
> commits to the afterstep-stable branch. The subject of these emails is:
> [as-devel] CVS commit to afterstep-stable
> As far as I'm aware, this is an anouncement list only and cannot be  
> posted to,
> but I always appreciated knowing when there was a change in the CVS tree  
> so I
> could go try it out.


> I don't want to delete that old email address until I've subscribed to  
> that
> old mailing list from this address first. How do I do that?


Have a look at:

Follow the instructions to sign up for the as-devel list, and you should  
be all set.

Good luck with it!

Kind regards,


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