Re: Bug? A horizontal border line right below the pagers

Bob McClure Jr (
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:19:27 -0600

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 11:15:18AM -0500, Hugh wrote:
> Dear AS users,
> I have installed 2.0-beta3 on three machines from
> the tar ball all using Xfree86- from SuSE-9.0
> On two machines using Nvidia Riva and Matrox G450,
> a horizontal line showed up right below the pagers.
> which basically acts as the top border.
> During the start-up,
> placement of pagers happens after placing the wharfs
> in the two right places. Therefore, wharfs are placed
> on the right places.
> However, opening up new applications in regular use,
> applications such as aterm show up
> just below that border. For this reason, an application
> window may get split between the lower part of the border
> line and the upper part of the border line.
> This bug may have been fixed in the CVS.
> However, I do not know how to access it and do not
> know what to do with the CVS even if I knew how
> to access it.

I saw that, too, to wit:

2. This is a minor config problem.  As it comes out of the box, the
   winlist shows up about a third of the way down from the top of the
   screem, namely below the pager.  Apparently the pager loaded first,
   and the winlist couldn't find space above the pager.  I changed the
   pager geometry from -1+27 to -1+30 and the winlist was a happy
   camper.  Interestingly, the (stock) autoexec has winlist loading
   first with a "wait" after it.

> I think Sasha should release beta4 at this point.
> if she thinks that this bug affects so many of us.

I agree.  I've resorted to playing with other WMs to get away from the
niggling problems.  Currently using IceWM.

> Regards,
> G. Hugh Song
> PS: I think AfterStep is the fastest among all
> window managers that I used so far, and also
> the most beautiful.
> The only complaint so far is about C-v which
> many people complained. I commented the
> line from /usr/local/share/afterstep/...feel.DEFAULT.
> But I could not get what I wanted.

Well, IceWM loads faster than AS, but doesn't have virtual desktops
(multiple panes per desktop) and I miss asmail and some other goodies,
but IceWM gets my work done.

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