Re: Bug? A horizontal border line right below the pagers

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:23:41 -0600

Hugh wrote:
> Dear AS users,
> I have installed 2.0-beta3 on three machines from
> the tar ball all using Xfree86- from SuSE-9.0
> On two machines using Nvidia Riva and Matrox G450,
> a horizontal line showed up right below the pagers.
> which basically acts as the top border.
> During the start-up,
> placement of pagers happens after placing the wharfs
> in the two right places. Therefore, wharfs are placed
> on the right places.
> However, opening up new applications in regular use,
> applications such as aterm show up
> just below that border. For this reason, an application
> window may get split between the lower part of the border
> line and the upper part of the border line.

Could you please send me a screenshot of this?

> This bug may have been fixed in the CVS.
> However, I do not know how to access it and do not
> know what to do with the CVS even if I knew how
> to access it.
> I think Sasha should release beta4 at this point.
> if she thinks that this bug affects so many of us.
Just for the information: In Russian language Sasha is short of 
Alexandr/Alexandra and as such could be either male or female name.
This is to the contrary of a belief widely circulated in US, that it is 
female name only. In my particular case it indeed is a male name.
Not that I'm offended or anything, just wanted to clear the misconception.

Now back to bussiness.
Its a very good suggestion, and shall be cleaning up couple remaining 
bugs from recent e-mail and releasing beta4 today or on monday.

> Regards,
> G. Hugh Song
> PS: I think AfterStep is the fastest among all
> window managers that I used so far, and also
> the most beautiful.
> The only complaint so far is about C-v which

C-v ? What C-v ?


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