[As-users] Problems under 2.6 kernel

Mark Thorp Duxbury (marktd@bellsouth.net)
Mon, 1 Mar 2004 13:03:54 -0500


I know everyone is focused on the 2.0 release but I am having a problem with 
1.8.11 and thought I'd ask if anyone had any suggestions.  I am seeing what 
looks like perhaps some sort of race condition on startup.  About 25% of the 
time, afterstep startup ceases after clearing the screen and drawing one 
pixel in the upper left hand corner.  ~/.Afterstep-errors doesn't show 
anything unusual and 'ps/top/whatever' shows that afterstep is running, but 
it isn't using any cpu so I presume it's blocking for something that it may 
have have already happened (and since this only happens sometimes... thus the 
race theory). 

I've never seen this before.  It only happens with the 2.6 series kernels (I'm 
using 2.6.2).

Does anyone have any ideas?

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