[As-users] afterstep and extensions

Wed, 24 Mar 2004 18:37:09 +0100 (CET)

i am sorry i didn't want to start a discussion/flame about
extensions... i am sorry about that. this will be my last mail about this
matter anyway. there are just more important things to discuss (gtk theme
support, script/form modules, ascp...).

it can always be argued in one direction or another. there is no absolute
right or wrong. things are not that simple, i am sorry...

i just thought adding a _config option_ would solve this useless discussi=

i am one of those guys who grew up with dos. i had no other choice.
i think 99% of the people at my age who started right with a pc had dos.
there always were better things (hardware/software) then a pc with dos.

if you want a project that will get noticed and grow you should take care
not to scare away potential new users. afterstep already has a very small
user base (that's the impression i have) although beeing the greatest wm
for X (litestep being the only wm that's better - thank god it's a windoz=

as m$ has a de facto monopoly a big part of the new users will come from
that corner.

i can live with either situation ( i ll change filenames anyway - i am ju=
too old to change habits now).

it just doesn't make sence to condamn extensions, and mix them
wildly with no relation at all to the content of the file.


P.S.: i just wanted to help not get between the lines

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