[As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Sasha Vasko (sasha@aftercode.net)
Thu, 04 Mar 2004 16:30:01 -0600

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you know that AfterStep 2.0 beta4 had just been 
released. So go grab it from usual places :


This one should be much nicer then previous once. As noted on web site 
this are the major improvements/fixes :

# WinList and Pager no longer fight with each other for the space. Logic 
for AvoidCover windows had been greately improved.
# Java windows now show up with its entire area properly rendered. No 
more of this gray area on the bottom and right. There is still an issue 
with java not remembering its previous position properly, but that can't 
be helped. One way to possibly fix this is to use DefaultGeometry 
setting in database file for specific windows.
# Logic had been implemented to run root background drawing without 
hindering responsivness of AfterStep, thus making desktop switching 
faster. Desktop switching is still somwhat slow due to conservative 
memory utilization approach, that AfterStep employs. I may implement 
additional code for caching root backgrounds on the X server, which 
should make things very fast at the expense of memory utilization.
# AfterStep now exports 2 more environment variables IMAGE_PATH and 
FONT_PATH based on its Base configuration. That allows you to view those 
XML image files using ascompose without much hurdles. just type:
ascompose -f filename
In any of term windows.
# ascompose can now run in interactive mode, allowing for animations to 
be displayed. Banner module had been replaced with shell script to 
utilize that. See this script for example of how ascompose could be 
used. Oh, yes, new banner had been designed - see if you like it.
# Default screenshot compression ratio had been reduced to allow for 
much higher wuality screenshots to be generated.
# Numerous bugs were user had to select window to run functions had been 
fixed and now function will be automatically run on focused window.
# Old AfterStep 1.8 look had been ported to 2.0 and you can now select 
it from Looks menu as look.Legacy.
# Annoying cursor disappearance bugs had been fixed by moving Cursor 
defitions back to feel file.
# feel.ICCCM had been ported from AfterStep 1.8. It has no additional 
key bindings making it Emacs friendly.

Lots of other things had been improved/fixed as well, so go get it.

At this point I am planning on working on this things, as weather and 
available time permits :

1) Win32 port of libAfterImage ( as requested by my long time supporters 
from root.cern.ch
2) UNICODE/UTF-8 version of ATERM using lates AS libraries.( large 
portion of this is done already )
3) ASCP using possibly own widget set. (its not as bad as it sounds)
4) fixing all the remaining modules
5) doc update/rewrite/whatever.

Feel free to land a hand.

Sasha Vasko

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