Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Steve Cooke (
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 11:32:22 +1100


Graydon wrote:

> Everybody doesn't have the same biases between shape/colour and
> context/consistency; if you bias strongly towards the colour and context
> ends of those continua, Windows is *horrible*.

You misunderstood my meaning of the word "feel." I meant it at a meta 
level - as in the user "feels" comfortable using it. Not too technical; 
better still, not technical at all.

I certainly agree with your other points. However, I do *not* think that 
the attitude of "Windows is horrible" is, in itself, helpful. That 
Windows provides a platform for consistancy at the application level is 
one of its strengths. It means that users of Windows apps have an 
intuitive grasp of the operability of those apps. This is good for the 
business community in general - and, lets face it, we all need that to 

There are other ways to achieve a similar effect though. One way 
(arguably, the Microsoft way) is to make the user experience 
comfortable. I agree that "consistency" in this context is not everyones 
cup of tea. Hence Afterstep. But there is no reason why Afterstep should 
alienate users because of this.

My beef was not with Afterstep at all, but more generally with the 
notion that Linux apps are being designed with a "bash Microsft" 
attitude. That is not fair to the developers of these applications. I am 
sure that most, if not all, developers in the Open Source community are 
doing what they do in order to do a better job than what has been done 
previously. That the wider community can see the benefit that such an 
approach brings is a testament to the paradigm. A huge support base, the 
ability to customize for their local environment, security etc are all 
part and parcel of this.


Steve Cooke

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