Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Sasha Vasko (
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 10:10:07 -0600

Christer Th=F6rn wrote:
> Vae wrote:
>> All this, to gain *NOTHING*, and to *BREAK* certain things we have in=20
>> place for copatibility.
>> Furthermore, you can't use a configure tag to rename data files=20
>> referenced by xml.  Or perhaps I should say, don't want to.  It would=20
>> be a large, and very ugly hack.
> All right then, there's perfectly good, valid reasons not to do this,=20
> case closed. Why weren't these reasons presented in the first place,=20

They were :) Windows reference was just a sidenote at the very end :)
Perhaps I should do more of it to get them hot discussions started :)

> rather than talking about users level of proficiency, right vs. normal,=
> Unix vs. Windows, etc.?

Nevertheless I do appreciate all of your comments.

Just so that you know - I do take alot of care to make AS as forgiving=20
as possible, and as compatible as possible with other environments.

Even this whole issue of filename extentions demonstrate how forgiving=20
AS is. For example AS will not give you an error message if you happende=20
to save image in PNG format into file with jpg extension - it will=20
correctly autodetect its type and display it for you.

What do you prefer : that the file is named

DefenselessElsie    or that its named    DefenselessElsie.jpg  ?

More natural is the first form. The fact that its an image file is=20
already conveyed to the user by the fact that its located in=20
desktop/tiles folder.

Note that prominent user friendly systems from Apple never showed any=20
filename extentions. When MS released Windows 95 and henceforth they had=20
those extentions hidden by default, and I actually found many users keep=20
them hidden. My real life experience with my neihbours showed me that,=20
simple users find file name extensions confusing, and prefer not to see=20
them. As the matter of fact - being originally a DOS user myself I find=20
approach of dropping extentions from filenames, to be very refreshing=20
and liberating :)

Realistically, the only time those file extentions might be helpfull, is=20
when you try to sort large number of files of different types piled in a=20
single directory, but as related to AfterStep - you never have to do=20
that - all the files are already conviniently sorted into proper folders.

If anyone wants to browse those files, and be able to view XML files as=20
well, there is a convinient directory of all available files here :

Additionally similar browsing functionality will be supplied as part of=20
ascp, or a stand alone application.

So largely those filename extentions are a non-issue, and new approach=20
only improves AfterStep's user friendliness, even if at first it may=20
look a little strange.

Also as a sidenote I'd like to let you all know that AS user base seems=20
to be growing at accelerating spped. Here are some numbers:

After releasing beta2 I was getting on average 3-5 installation e-mails=20
a day.
AfterReleasing beta3 it grown to 8-10 per day.
Nowdays after releasing beta4 I'm receiving 15 and more e-mails a day.

I would like to thank you all for your continuing support.

Again, many thanks to all of you speaking out.

Sasha Vasko

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