[As-users] configuring afterstep 2 beta4b

=?iso-8859-1?b?RnJhbudvaXM=?= Patte (Francois.Patte@math-info.univ-paris5.fr)
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 09:56:11 +0530


I try to configure afterstep 2 beta 4b:

1- I want to use some feels from version 1.8 (autoraise), is it possible?=
how could I do? I tried to copy this autoraise file in a directory feels =
in my
~/.afterstep, but it is not very stable.

2- I want to get rid of new windows sticked to the mouse pointer every ti=
me you
open a new one: it is very tiresome with popup from internet sites!

3- I want to use my images for the background: shall I add a symbolic lin=
k in
the directory "background" of afterstep configuration directory?

4- I want to use "gnome-panel" instead of wharf: it works but, at startup=
, the
panel is randomly put anywhere on the desktop, whatever its defined posit=
ion in
the preference, and the first use of a "drawer" in this panel launch the =
in the middle of the desktop!

About Gnome: it seems that a Gnome module exists in the sources of afters=
but it is not compiled when you compile afterstep itself. I tried to use =
the syntax:

./configure --with-Gnome=3Dyes

configure doesn't protest, but nothing is done!

5- It seems to be impossible to start a xterm in iconic mode.

6- I use aterm but it is impossible to get UTF-8 characters with it and a=
term is
unable to handle talk calls.

Thank you for any answers

Fran=E7ois Patte

Inde :
Ecole fran=E7aise d'Extr=EAme-Orient
Deccan College
Pune 411006
T=E9l : (00 91) (0) 20 26 69 39 04

France :
Universit=E9 Ren=E9 Descartes - Paris 5
UFR de math=E9matiques et informatique

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