Re: [As-users] AfterStep 2.0 beta4 release

Sat, 27 Mar 2004 21:57:31 +0100

Le 2004-03-18 12:06 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko a =E9crit /=20
On 2004-03-18 12:06 (jeudi), Sasha Vasko wrote :
> M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> >
> >>>2. A call to "Exit -> Restart session" in the menu caused an error. =
> >>>   could not find the core dump as in my filesystem advertised :
> >>>
> >>>Printing Debug Information :
> >>
> >>Thanks for reporting that - fixed.
> >>
> >
> >I could not test that since the CVS code doesn't build at the moment.
> doesn't build? whats the error ?

The CVS code from yesterday builds and installs alright :-)
I did a fresh cvs checkout and no more errors. Maybe something was
broken in my local checkout or maybe you've changed something since my
last try. Anyway it runs fine.

But the "Restart session" still generates crashes on my machine :-( I've
just sent an email to <> with two log files.

> >>>3. I could not make work any of the form and script "screenshot"
> >>>   utilities.
> >>
> >>Script and Form Modules has not been implemented in 2.0 yet - what yo=
> >>trying to use are the leftover from old afterstep installation - they=
> >>won't work.
> >>


> >Can we help on this even if we don't know AfterStep C code ?
> Well, surely anyone willing to help - can help. Form module is somewhat=
> large project within the project, as it includes its own library of=20
> widgets. In fact it was originally created to facilitate something like=
> AfterStep Desktop Environment. I think the idea was of Guylhem Aznar=20
> back in 1998. I don't really have any hopes for achieving such an=20
> ambitious goal, due to several reasons, such as lack of advertisement=20
> muscule of major corporation, the fact that AfterStep is sort of a blac=
> hole as viewed by Open Source Establishement, etc, etc.
> There are two approaches to fixing Forms module :
> 1) rewrite all the widgets in the library to make use of new=20
> libAfterStep/Image facilities (which should simplify things alot).
> 2) rewrite Form module to make use of GTK or FLTK widgets if available.
> 3) drop Form module completely.
> I personally favor first approach, as I'm greately dissatisfied with=20
> GTK, and although I like FLTK - it does not have sufficient market=20
> penetration. (Qt is completely out of the question, don't even ask why)=
> Another use for Form module might be for long overdue ascp.
> If anyone wishes to engage into Form module fixing in ob=3Dne way or=20
> another - feel free to, I'll suply all the needed=20
> information/help/anything. The only requirement I have is the same as=20
> what women expect of a men, and what men rarely deliver - a commitment =

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I don't have enough time for going into C programming (which I haven't
done for a very long time). I was thinking that maybe forms where just
done through some kind of scripting and thus could easily be brought
up-to-date with the new framework.

But I guess we could have the screenshot functionalities without using
forms. This was the concern that made me ask about forms.

> >>>4. I did not manage to change the background of any of the desktops.
> >>>   The configuration I use was in a file
> >>>   afterstep-2.00.beta4/share/afterstep/looks/look.Border. I restart=
> >>>   afterstep and selected this file in the "look" menu with no effec=
t :
> >>
> >>Have no idea where you got this look from - its not in the 2.0 distro=
> >>That maybe another leftover from old afterstep installation.
> >>
> >
> >
> >This look is a look I'm trying to come up with as a contribution to
> >AfterStep. It should feature window borders when done.
> >
> >I'll do other tries before reposting.
> TRy sending me the look - I'may point out some mistakes/errors/etc.

I'm now using the QNX look and that is basically what I was trying to
do. I really like it ! I'm looking for something a bit different on
window frames, but I'll come back on that point after I use AfterStep 2
a bit more.

Also the background I've set in my look now appears :-)

Now, what I'm looking for is an "vertically and horizontally mirrored til=
background. This couldn't be achieved with the previous version of
AfterStep and the only program I know which did that was xv [1]. It's
still possible to create mirrored tiles by hand and then giving them to
AfterStep but I would like AfterStep to provide this kind of tiling.

So for example one provide this tile [2] to AfterStep and it gets
mirrored and tiled like [3]. Sasha could you make AfterStep do that ?



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