Re: [As-users] problems with afterstep 2 b4

Sasha Vasko (
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 09:14:06 -0600

Fabrice Ilponse wrote:
> Sasha Vasko wrote:
>> afterstep -l ~/afterstep.log
> ** Compilation failed in this mode:
> In file included from 
> ../../libAfterStep/../include/../libAfterBase/xwrap.h:10,
> from ../../libAfterStep/../include/../libAfterBase/astypes.h:4,
> from ../../libAfterStep/../include/afterbase.h:1,
> from ../../libAfterStep/asapp.h:44,
> from asinternals.h:4,
> from afterstep.c:23:
> /usr/openwin/include/X11/Xresource.h:249: warning: type defaults to 
> `int' in declaration of `XrmQGetResource'

This one comes from ancient version of X headers that no return type 
defined for functions. You can safely ignore it.

> afterstep.c: In function `main':
> afterstep.c:260: parse error before `)'
> make[1]: *** [afterstep.o] Error 1

Ok, I fixed that one. It comes up in debug output statement, and you may 
encounter some more of those, as it is due to old compiler/C library. 
I'd appreciate if you could help me track all of them. Just do a :

cvs update -d

and try recompiling.

> By the way, there is an option '-rdynamic' that does not exist on 
> solaris but the compiler just gives a warning.
That is needed for self diagnostic code. Some compilers support it - 
some not. Just ignore it.


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